Rent a Commercial Generator

Get temporary power from a 500KW Caterpillar Generator.

A Caterpillar (CAT) Generator provides a reliable source of primary or standby power for commercial facilities, such as:
Nursing homes
Fitness facilities
Shopping centers
Manufacturing plants
School campuses

How much power does the 500KW CAT Generator provide?

Maximum Power from back-up generator:
Option 1:
700 amps at 480 volts
Option 2:
1600 amps at 208 volts


What you should know when renting a commercial Caterpillar Generator:

Our generators are trailer-mounted and can be driven directly to you.
Generators are rented for a minimum of one week.

If you would like, we can help you with:
Insurance (mandatory, unless you have your own)
Diesel refills

Bais Tova, Lakewood NJ, rents a generator in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in October 2013
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