Install Your Own Generator

Berkowatts installs General Electric and Briggs & Stratton generator systems.

We can install a back-up generator system for your home or commercial facility.

We are approved and certified by both General Electric and Briggs & Stratton generators. That means these companies trust us to:
Install Repair Maintain File warranty claims

The process of installing your generator system:

1. Assessment: We come to your place and measure how much electricity you typically use. Then we help you determine which lights, equipment and appliances you would need in case of a power loss. We then recommend the best back-up generator for your needs.

2. Obtaining a Permit: In most cities and towns, you’ll need a legal permit to install a generator system. We’ll arrange it for you, no big deal.

3. Gas Connection: We locate an available gas line. If necessary, we’ll arrange to pull a new line for you. We also place an automatic transfer switch on the system. This allows the generator to kick in on its own the moment electrical power is down, even if you‘re not there.

4. Installation: Installing your generator system takes a couple of hours. Your home or business can continue to function as usual for most of that time. We’ll need to switch off your electricity for a little while, but don’t stress. We work quickly and precisely, and we leave your place immaculate.

This process usually takes 1-2 weeks from your initial phone call.
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Install My Generator System

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